Client Reviews

  • The best thing is that, while my phone never rings anymore, I never miss a call or the opportunity of scheduling a new client. Best Practices handles everything. My clients now show up as scheduled and pay the correct amounts. I seldom have a “no-show” or an unfilled session slot. Claims are processed quicker than ever and with no headaches for me. Dave and his group have made a substantive, positive difference in my daily life. Amazing!

    Dennis S., LCSW
  • I came to Best Practices with a specific goal: I wanted to end the pain of dealing with insurance companies. Not only did Dave’s team take away this frustration, but they also make sure all my new claims are coded, submitted and paid accurately. My financial outlook has greatly improved, and I have more time and mental energy for my clients and myself.

    Anthony R., LCADC
  • Best Practices is the best! I have nothing but complimentary things to say about their expertise and the efficiency with which they handle my practice. My payments are posted daily. They make certain I am reimbursed at the highest rate possible. The office staff is friendly, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and readily available to answer any questions. They definitely have my back! I would highly recommend them.

    Nancy A., LPC
  • Following an extended illness, I retained Best Practices to help me regrow my practice. My schedule was down to about 15 patients each week. Six months later I was seeing 35 each week and getting paid faster and at higher rates than ever before. Best Practices has been a godsend to my practice and family.

    John S., LCSW
  • I deal with a challenging population, but Best Practices has handled my clients with care. A day never goes by that a client doesn’t comment on the professionalism of my new “office manager” or the ease of scheduling a session or reaching me directly. All this and more… Best Practices also researched and corrected previously processed claims that were unpaid or incorrectly paid, resulting in thousands of dollars in recovered payments.

    Dean L., LCADC
  • I am so appreciative of the Best Practices team for its diligence in providing the best administrative services to my clients. The staff is friendly and always willing to help the clients I serve. Whether answering patients’ questions regarding insurance or just listening to someone who calls in distress, I have found each BP representative to be compassionate, capable and respectful; they provide dignity without judgment. My clients often tell me that after calling long lists of providers and leaving messages, they finally got to speak with a live person when they reached my office. Having Best Practices answer my phone in real time has proven both effective and lucrative. Over the eighteen months since I turned my admin functions over to them, my practice has more than doubled in patient count and revenue.

    Naomi S., LCSW

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