Be a Clinician,
not an Administrator.

We provide office management solutions for behavioral health practitioners.

Be a clinician, not an administrator

Best Practices can help you realize your goals…

You were (and still are) passionate about serving your community. Your goals were to help people in need while making a decent living for yourself and your family. You envisioned building a practice where you controlled your schedule and income level.

Somewhere along the way you turned into a full charge bookkeeper, receptionist, claims coding and billing clerk, marketer, collection agency, HIPAA specialist, IT engineer and practice manager. You can’t possibly do all these tasks and grow your business so your practice – if not your life – is suffering.

Therapists rely on Best Practices to stay organized and get more done. Find out why.

What our clients are saying

  • "The best thing is that, while my phone never rings anymore, I never miss a call or the opportunity of scheduling a new client. Best Practices handles everything. My clients now show up as scheduled and pay the correct amounts. I seldom have a “no-show” or an unfilled session slot. Claims are processed quicker than ever and with no headaches for me. Dave and his group have made a substantive, positive difference in my daily life. Amazing!"

    Dennis S., LCSW
    Dennis S., LCSW